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Hey, I'm from Sunnyvale, Calfornia, and I'm a writer/poet.

I get flashes of inspiration, and so I just scribble them down. I don't take classes or anything, but I write all the same. I'm mainly into poems, short stories, and long stories/hopeful future books. I also do photography occasionally. You can also follow me on Instagram at @ avix215 for quotes and short pieces of writing that I don't post anywhere else.

I'm a polyglot, and currently speak English, Hindi, Marathi, French, and Japanese. I'm an AJATTer (Google was invented for a reason), and have Spanish, Arabic, and Mandarin in my long-term polyglot plans. I see language learning as a way to test my mettle, a source of fun, and a fascinating tool for connecting people and places around the world.

Oh, and I'm 16 and a high school senior.

Je parle un peu de francais aussi. J'espere que vouz aimez mes ouvrages!
日本語も話せますよ.中々上手だと思うけどさ ww。良かったら僕のガラリを見てください、ありがとう!
Hope you enjoy my stuff!

Music Stamp by The-Hamlets Animorphs stamp by chili19 Eragon Bromsson by Nekomata-the1andonly


Warm, fuzzy nest
Sleeping, safe and timelessly
The whole world was the nest
And all was right with the world
But then the wind picked up
And the little sparrow tumbled
Tossed into the howling gale
All the way over the oceans
To fall into her prison of wishes
Locked up with her shadow
Lying to be happy

Are you scared? he whispered
No, of course not
Yes, how could I not be
Do you miss your home?
I don't remember much
I see it in my dreams
Why are you quiet?
I have nothing to say
It hurts me more to speak
And then the shadow asked
How will we escape?
So she spread her wings and flew
I sang the song with you
Faces to the sky
Voices spiraling to stars
Our story, lifted off the world
Breathed gently into the heavens
Enchanting those glowing suns
Not a happy tale, nor a sad one
A tapestry of truth
Not of love, not of tears
But one of life

And oh, how they shone!
Drinking in the light
And passing it on
The immortality began here
And will only end far, far away
With the rest of the shining blackness
A channel of golden threads
Pouring into eternal night

One voice grew weak
One voice faltered
Trying to live on
Yet was swept away and claimed
Even though you fell
I kept on singing
The story will not end
The stars will not dim
But now I'll sing twice as loud

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